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Discover how digital interactions and process innovation can affect your sells. We focus on AI and Machine Learning.

Our Strengths

Digital Transformation
Interim CTO/CDO

We are Here to Help Your Business and Your Management to Explore the Awesome Opportunities of Digital Transformation

About us

Your Link between Executives and Digital Transformation.

Our job is supporting You and your Executives to get digital insight for your business strategy and manage tech-development teams.

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Core Services. What we love to do.

Our approach is clear and objective-tailored. We believe in creating opportunities and transforming your strategy into deliverable projects.

Strategy & CTO/CDO Management

Building & Managing a Result Driven Strategy

We will define together the best strategy to get top results. And we will manage it.

Management support

We help CEOs and Executives to find digital opportunities, build a strategy and manage development teams.

Digital Strategy

We select the best tools and channels for effective results.

Startup Support

It's about making ideas happens

Do you want to found a startup for your project? Corporate Innovation? We can manage this project for you and be your tech team.

Full Stack Engineering

Tech Development from scratch

We can provide a Full Stack Engineering service by using our Devus Tool, getting awesome results from developing tech projects.

Skyrocketing Full Stack Development

Challenging the status quo through high-end web architecture development, Performance Tuning, UI enhancement and custom backend development. PHP, React, Python, MySQL, LAMP, DevOps, Cloud, ...

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Old Projects

We are not sharing portfolio anymore,
keeping confidential our support to our clients.
If you want to know our history you can check this link
for a quick preview of some old jobs (~10yrs ago) : StudioCs Team past projects

Want to know more about our history?

You can check our Founder and Head of Development Linkedin profile : Emanuele Pedrona Linkedin Profile

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Want to hire the best people around to support your Executives, define a Digital Strategy, develop, and turn your project into reality?

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